Why I’m Anti – Real Hot Yoga

  Funny title, coming from a Hot Yoga Teacher, right?? Hear me out. I was on a quick vacation from my overseas job in January 2013 and had a few days to visit my family in East Tennessee. Desperately needing a quiet space to unplug and chill, I hopefully googled, “yoga in Johnson City, TN”. […]

My Top 10 Food Beliefs

Hey y’all! I’m so excited for 2014- don’t think I can emphasize that enough. 2013 was a tumultuous year for me, to say the least. I’ve been looking forward to the January 1 fresh start for several months, and honestly, just tried to keep my head above water during the holidays. That also meant that […]

A Product of My Environment? Sure Am.

I started working with “at-risk” youth when I was 19. I was teaching 13-16 year olds, and I was 19. Since then I’ve literally worked with and taught thousands of youth all over the world. And I am sick of hearing that a child’s environment dictates who he/she will be. But it is true- just […]

The “Working Mom” Dilemma

It’s no secret- the majority of people who seek health/wellness/fitness guidance are women. I could make a quick assumption that this is because men don’t like to ask for help (smile-I joke, I joke) but I’ll take the high road instead and explain why. Women are creators. Women are nourishers. Women are care-takers. And women […]